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Template structure

You have downloaded the template and unzipped it, you will find the following folders structure:

/VoyageTime (root folder)
  /documentation (quick start guide)
      /scss                          SCSS stylesheet 
        /inc                         Template style folder 
          _animation.scss            Animation styles for template 
          _base.scss                 Base styles for template 
          _components.scss           Styles for base elements 
          _media.scss                Custom styles for multiple devices 
          _navigation.scss           Styles for navigation 
          _page.scss                 Pages stylesheet 
          _variables.scss            Fonts, colors variables 
        main.css                     Main generated template stylesheet   
        _main.scss                   Connection all style files
      /vendor                        Connection all style files
        animate.css                  Animate stylesheet file 
        bootstrap-datetimepicker.css Datetimepicker stylesheet file
        bootstrap-slider.min.css     Slider stylesheet file for filters
        font-awesome.min.css         Font awesome stylesheet
        owl.carousel.css             Owl Carousel stylesheet  
        simple-line-icons.css        Slimple line icons font stylesheet  
        themify-icons.css            Themify Icons font stylesheet   
        viewbox.css                  Gallery viewbox stylesheet   
    /fonts                           FontAwesome, Simple Line, Themify, Glyphicons   
    /img                             Images folder for HTML template   
    /js                              JS scripts
        bootstrap-datetimepicker.min.js Datetimepicker library   
        cookies.js                      Cookies library   
        bootstrap-slider.min            Slider library   
        bootstrap.min.js                Bootstrap library   
        fontawesome-all.min.js          Fontawesome library   
        imagesloaded.js                 Imagesloaded library
        jquery.min.js                   Jquery library   
        jquery.viewbox.min.js           Gallery viewbox library
        jquery.waypoints.min.js         Waypoints library   
        jqueryvalidation.js             Validation library   
        masonry.min.js                  Cascading grid library   
        modernizr.js                    Modernizr library
        moment.js                       Moment library
        navigation.js                   Navigation library
        owl.carousel.min                Owl Carouse library   
      main.js                           Connection JS scripts
    /php             			PHP Contact form 
      form_booking.php       		PHP Script for sending booking form 
      form_calltoaction.php       	PHP Script for sending calltoaction form 
      form_contact.php       		PHP Script for sending contact form 
      form_subscribe.php       		PHP Script for sending subscribe form 


How to change slide timeout for slider?
1. Open js/main.js file
2. Change timeout value for property autoplayTimeout ( e.g., 7000 = 7 seconds )

autoplayTimeout: 7000,


How to animate elements on scroll?

You can easily animate blocks on scroll by adding class animate, data-animation-* and data-timeout-*
When element will be in visible area, class animated will be added immediately, so it can be useful to make custom animation.

For example:
1. Add to div class="animate"
2. Add to div data-animation="fadeIn" Animation List
3. Add to div data-timeout="800" (800 ms = 0.8 sec)

<h2 class="animate" data-animation="fadeInRight" data-timeout="800">Travel Time</h2>

PHP forms

VoyageTime has 4 files form for different masseges:

  • Contact Form (php/form_contact.php ) for Contact Page
  • Subscribe Form (php/form_subscribe.php ) for Newsletter Signup
  • Booking Form (php/form_booking.php ) for Tour Page
  • Call to action Form (php/form_calltoaction.php ) for Call to action element with form

How to set up PHP contact form (Contact forms)?
Open the desired file and change email address.

$to = "";

Sources and credits

We've used the following html frameworks, fonts, JavaScript libraries and other files as listed.


There are a few ways to get support:
1. Direct email to
2. Send a message via Themeforest page
3. Leave a comment to theme on comments page.

Our Support included:

- Fixing all issues related to original theme.
- Answers to questions regarding theme.
- Providing regular updates depending on your needs and feedbacks.

Our Support not included:

- Customization of theme.
- Specific support for third party plugins integrated in theme.

Your read it entirely. Thanks!

Additional info

See the table below with some important informations:

Browser compatibility Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9+, Edge
jQuery compatibility 1.9+ (up to 3.x)
Framework Template builded on popular Twitter Bootstrap v4 framework